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Ko Olina Families

Ko Olina Families
The Ko Olina Families is a group for all of us with kids!
  • March 23

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  • June 27

  • Machete IF anyone is gong to be in Ko Olina on 8/22-8/27 I am taking my 8 year old daughter and she loves to play with kids around her age. If you are going to be there or anywhere on the island let me know
    about 11 months ago
  • June 19

  • WelcomeLevi
    a year ago
  • June 17

  • Machete ANybody going to Ko Olina at the end of August?
    a year ago
    • JschumanHi, How can I assist you in planning your vacation?
      12:14 PM June 26
    • MacheteI am going to Ko Olina and need a car for a couple of days and wanted to see if anybody else is going in the end of August
      I am taking my 8 year old daughter so if any one is taking kids around that age it would be nice to meet them
      6:57 AM June 27
    • JschumanAs for transportation to Ko Olina Resort, try our car service: www.koolina.com/plan-a-trip/transportation

      Aulani, A Disney Resort & Spa offers activities for Kids of all ages! Learn More: http://resorts.disney.go.com/aulani...ach-house/
      9:39 AM June 27
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  • June 15

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  • March 08

  • jmbreder Hello, I am moving to the area at the end of June. I have a 4 yr old daughter and a 7yr old son. Is there a group that meets in the area? If so what days and what things do you do?
    a year ago
    • JschumanHi, Here is a link to our community page for more information about our community and activities for residents: www.koolina.com/experience/community
      9:42 AM June 27
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