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Where are the rules posted?
Last Post 12 Jun 2014 05:38 PM by kristp. 0 Replies.
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    12 Jun 2014 05:38 PM
      We recently moved to Ko Olina and in general love it here and are happy with our decision.... BUT...

      So our first interaction with 'Shore Patrol' (really, I a 25 year veteran of the US Navy, these are not Shore Patrol) was when were walking our miniature dachshund on a leash on walkway around lagoon 3, we were stopped by a ... security office??? driving a golf cart on the sidewalk and informed that no dogs were allowed at the lagoons. OK, I don't necessarily think that is an awful rule, but where is that posted? Besides, we started our walk from the Coconut plantation and had already walked from lagoon 1 to lagoon 3 and passed several other dogs as well as many employees along the way, several of whom commented who cute our dog is and petted him.

      Our next interaction was yesterday at lagoon 4 when my wife and I were going to the far south end of the marina area via the sidewalk around lagoon 4 on our bicycles. We were riding very slowly and respecting the space of anyone we encountered when we were approached again by a 'security officer' who was also riding a bike and told that bicycles were not allowed on the lagoon walkways either. He went on to explain that he could ride a bike there because he was security and continued to threaten to have us written up as trespassing and call HPD if we did not get off our bikes and walk them off of the property.

      I then watched this same 'office' ride his bike over to a family that was picnicking far away from others in the area and told that they could not have tables at the lagoon, nor could they have sport umbrellas to block the sun.

      As I mentioned, we just moved to Ko Olina the 1st of May of this year, my wife is a bit type A about this sort of thing, so prior to our purchasing our condo, she read all of the condo association and Ko Olina association rules we would be subject to (yes all several hundred pages of them), and we don't find these rules anywhere. When I asked the 'security officer' about the rules, he said they are posted at the from gate, that's not true. He then said that he had a picture of them on his phone, so he showed me the pic and sure enough he has a picture of a piece of paper that has a whole list of restrictions.

      My questions are these:
      -who has the actual list of rules and where can I get a copy?
      -are these top secret? Why can't I find them on this website?
      -what kind of customer service is it that you expect to hold visitors to rules that are not posted, and I don't think are necessarily intuitive?
      -is it even legal to execute and implement rules in this way?
      -Are these actually rules, or just harassment's?
      -Who decides and mandates these rules? As a property owner, do I have rights or input?

      I can tell you that I feel harassed and really feel badly for the way I witnessed others treated who were trying to enjoy a family day at the beach. And what is with the threats of "being trespassed" and calling HPD to escort my off of property that I am part owner of? Seriously, is that Aloha?

      Thanks for letting me vent, I think some changes are needed.
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