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Ko Olina History & Culture

The Waianae (or leeward) Coast has some of the most breathtaking scenery on all the islands. Blessed with calmer ocean waters, vast valleys in between towering mountains, almost perfect weather and wide white sand beaches and clear waters, it is no wonder Ko Olina or Place of Joy in English became the favorite of Hawaii’s Ali’i (Royals). Ko Olina is part of an original royal land division from the waters off Pearl Harbor to the summit of the Waianae Mountains, including the tallest mountain on Oahu, Mount Ka’ala. So where you walk, once walked the last monarch of Hawaii, Queen Lili’uokalani and the wife of Kamehameha the Great (who united all the islands), Queen Ka’ahumanu.

The area is considered "country” where many Hawaiian homelands are located and farms are scattered throughout, with horses, cows, goats and organic garden farms and where the mountains and valleys keep and protect the secrets of the ancient Hawaiians who lived here over a thousand years ago, fishing in the rich waters of the coastline and being good stewards of the land. At the end of the Waianae Mountains is Kaena Point, considered the jumping off spot for the souls of fallen Hawaiian Warriors.

This beautiful coastline has more than just scenery – it holds the oral history of the Hawaiian people which in many cases is far more accurate than written history, which is always written by the victor. Whereas the Hawaiian storytellers tell the same stories to generation after generation and it is always the same. And there is the fact, that the Hawaiian people came thousands of miles in their outrigger canoes across an ocean, following stars. The directions to these unknown islands came in a chant that had been sung for generations in their native land in the South Pacific. So they came in their outrigger canoes, paddling and sailing for thousands of miles, following the stars and came upon what is now called Hawaii. It is considered the most amazing voyage in the history of the world – ever.

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